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A: If you want to use the Eclipse Plugin for JInitiator, you need to install it. I believe that this tool is not available on OSX (yet). Q: How do I avoid the need for a variable to point to a struct? I'm working on a homework assignment. I have some code that I am trying to optimize. The part of the code that I'm currently working on is here: #include struct Person { int age; char name[20]; }; void register(struct Person *t1) printf("%s %d", t1->name, t1->age); } void registerN(struct Person *t1, int count) register(t1); int main(void) struct Person *t1 = malloc(sizeof(struct Person)); registerN(t1, 4); free(t1); return EXIT_SUCCESS; What I'm trying to do is avoid passing a pointer to struct Person to the function. I know how to do it with arrays, so just assume for this example that we can use arrays and I don't have to worry about that. I'm just thinking what I need to do to avoid having a variable pointed to a struct to pass into the function. How can I do this? I think you want to use the registerN function to pass the struct directly to the register function. Also you should add a check in main to make sure that you are not freeing a NULL pointer before you call free. Note that your struct has no name, and is declared with the local struct keyword, so you need to qualify the struct name with struct Person *: struct Person *t1; }



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Jinitiator Windows 7 64 Bit Download lavrphil

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